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Comments or queries can be sent to the correct person on our board using the menu below. Remember that these women are volunteers who selflessly donate their time to the organization. They are all working artists so allow sufficient time for them to reply to your query.

Inquiries about the organization.


please contact our current president

Inquiries about members or membership.


please contact our membership chair

2017 WAOW Elected Board Members

President   Sarah Kennedy  
2nd Vice President   Barbara Nuss

Corporate Secretary Carol Amos


Treasurer Dee Kirkham  

2017 Board Advisors

Advisor to the Board   Amy Evans  
Advisor to the Board   Kim Shaklee  
Advisor to the Board   Mary Ann Cherry  
Advisor to the Board   Heather Arenas  



2017 Appointed Positions

Show Chair 2017 Barbara Nuss


Co-Chair 2017 Christine Drewyer  
2nd Co-Chair


Show Venue Chair

Janice Wright  
dues can be paid by PayPal on the member's page or by snail mail. CHECKS MUST BE MADE OUT TO WAOW. (Check signers: Ally Benbrook, Julie Hayes, Dina Beerle)

Dina Beerle
2627 Sawgrass St
El Cajon, CA 92019


Membership Chair
(including signature applications)
Donna Merchant Crooks  

Member Outreach Chair

Linda Star Landon


Advertising Director   Addren Doss  
Publicity Chair

Bruce Bingham


Co-Publicity Chair Mary Frankel
Recording Secretary Julie Gowing Hayes  
Sponsorship Chair
If you would like to donate an award to our show, this is your contact info
Nancy Romanovsky


Communications Secretary Janice Muir
Historian Pat Ford  
Web Mistress - submission form is on the member's only page of the site. The site is for members only and the form must accompany your correctly resized images.   Nori Thorne



Newsletter Editor - send your news to Barbara   Barbara Parish  
CaFe' Administrator Mejo Okon  
Scholarship Fund Chairman Sally Fuess  
Co-Scholarship Chair Lyn Phariss  
Yahoo Site Director (group email) Elin Pendleton  





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