Wildlilfe Waystation Visit

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Wildlilfe Waystation Visit

Waystation Lion
…As a result, the Waystation will receive a portion of all sales generated through WAOW-sanctioned events during this period including the 5th Hart Park Art Exhibition and Sale at Hart Park, April 27-30th, 2006.

Earlier last year we named the WayStation as our charity to receive a portion of sales at our 4th Hart Park Art Exhibit and Sale membership show, and we were pleased to write them a "nice" check after the show.  WAOW and WWS expressed a mutual desire to continue working together on an ongoing basis.

On August 18th, several representatives of WAOW attended a tour at the WayStation and a dinner hosted by WWS’s founder, Martine Colette, who lives on the property.  Lions roared and wolves howled as guests dined by candlelight beneath a glamorous tent filled with memorabilia of Martine’s time in Africa.

Martine petting a Puma
Waystation Tiger

WWS’s annual “Safari Brunch” fundraiser is usually held in early October at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. Last year, a WAOW member contributed an original painting for the fundraiser’s silent auction. The two organizations plan to continue working together, including a future paintout at WWS for WAOW members.  The property is currently closed to public tours due to zoning requirements; entrance is by private invitation only.

Visit www.wildlifewaystation.org for more information about this amazing place.

Waystation Cayman
Waystation Peacock

Waystation Parrots
Waystation Parrot
Wildlife Waystation is a haven for wild animals located in the Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles County









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