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Benefits of WAOW Membership

  1. Prestige. This is one of the few national art organizations that require a 100% juried membership. Attaining membership is an honor in itself.

  2. Discounted advertising opportunities for all members.

  3. Regular online shows with awards (the first national arts group to do so).

  4. Website page for members on the website as well as opportunity to publicize member workshops and commission work.

  5. Annual Juried show opportunity with awards and prizes as well as scheduled activities.

  6. Online group help with questions and conversations, etc.

  7. Signature and master signature levels, all attained by performance in one’s medium as well as working for the organization.

  8. Supportive members on all levels.

  9. Quarterly email newsletter.

  10. Scholarship program.

  11. Facebook presence.

  12. Open to all traditional art mediums.

  13. As the oldest national Women Artists organization, this group is sensitive to women artists’ issues.

  14. 300 plus member range.


Donna Merchant-Crooks
WAOW Membership Chair
or 970-903-3405


Dues Payment Options

If you have been accepted into WAOW, you are not a full associate until you have paid your dues. You may pay your dues by check to the bookkeeper or by the PayPal button below.

If you are juried in in the Spring call, you will pay dues for the current year. If juried in the Fall, your dues will be for the following year.  After the initial year everyone is billed annually in October.

By check, please make the check to WAOW and mail to:

Dina Beerle
2627 Sawgrass St., El Cajon, CA 92019

ACCEPTED MEMBERS: You can pay your 2018 dues by the PayPal button below:

Associate Members ($70.00)

Signature Members ($80.00)


How to Get the Most
From Your Membership

Get involved, get involved, and get involved! Volunteer in any way you can in WAOW. Join in on the online conversations. Take advantage of WAOW online presence opportunities. There are so many valuables in this organization. Go for the gold!

How to Become a Member

You must be juried into WAOW. The jurying process occurs biannually in April and October.

The application is available on CallforEntry.org. Type in WAOW and the application should come up. The jury fee is a non-refundable $35.00.

You will be in notified of the jury decision within two weeks of the close of the Membership Call. See under Dues Payment Options once accepted.

We appreciate your interest in WAOW membership. Please contact Donna Merchant-Crooks with questions regarding membership.



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