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Sandy Brodie

Green Valley, Arizona

Artist's Statement

Sandy is a signature member of the Knickerbocker Artists, USA, Tuscon Plein Air Painters' Society, Arizona Plein Air Painters and is active in other prestigious art groups as well. She has been invited and participated in numerous juried competitions including the Oil Painters of America Western Regional Juried Exhibition.

"As a  resident of Arizona I have been able to pursue my lifelong ambition of painting the outdoor landscape.

Although primarily self taught, I have studied extensively with internationally renowned landscape painters.  I owe much  credit for my success to my many artist friends for their continued support and technical help.

My art is done 'alla prima' with brush and palette knife using oil paints and working on location as much as possible.  Sometimes I am able to bring back into the studio small oil sketches or drawings and work from them to compose larger paintings. 

The inspirations for my paintings come from many 'hands-on' research expeditions and from intimate association with the ever-changing and endless variety of the southwest deserts and the western mountain landscapes.

I also take numerous photographs of the subject landscapes for reference and to remind me of what caught my attention in the first place.

When painting 'en plein-aire' I take artistic license with the landscape, using heightened colors, and composing to make a good painting.

I can't say that I paint purely for myself.  I want my paintings to communicate for me, 'my way of seeing the world'.

Sometimes it all works." 

Fall River- Estes Park
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Spring Runoff
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"Fall River - Estes Park"


Painted during Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters competition.

This painting was accepted in the Oil Painters of America Western Regional Show at Waterhouse Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA September 2007

Dimensions: 8"H x 10"W
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"Spring Run Off"

This painting was done from references during a plein air painting trip to Glacier National Park.
Dimensions: 18"H x 14"W
$950 framed
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