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Barbara Gerard-Mitchell

Garden Valley, CA

Artist's Statement

Being a member of the Blackfeet Tribe in northern Montana, and growing up near Glacier Park gave me a keen observation for people, nature and the landscape. I was drawing at an early age, and my memories include sitting in a dusty corral for hours, studying how horses behaved and their environment.  Horses and landscapes have been my primary goal in drawing and painting. I have included people, trees and buildings to my subjects along with spending many years of plein air painting in Montana and California. Oils, watercolors, and pen and ink are my mediums of choice.

I thoroughly enjoy the process of painting and continual study is important. I have an Associate of Fine Arts degree from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and graduated in 2007.  Throughout my lifetime, I have studied with many reputable artists throughout the West. Attending workshops and classes is another important step in my career to create well rendered paintings with the confidence of a master and that is my ultimate goal.

I am currently residing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Placerville, Ca. where I enjoy painting in beautiful foothills of Northern California. I am currently a member of these organizations: Associate Member of Women Artists of the West, Associate Member of the California Art Club, Placerville Artists Association, and California Watercolor Association.

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Phone: 530-333-9759


"Looking Good"


Currently on exhibit at the Red Bluff Western Art Show.

Dimensions: 11"H x 14"W
$350 framed
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"Cool, Calm and Collected"

Dimensions: 18"H x 24"W
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