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Elin Pendleton

Wildomar, California

Artist's Statement

Painting the subjects she loves, Elin Pendleton uses rich brushwork and vibrant color to bring to life her horses, still life, animals and landscapes. She is a published author of a Walter Foster Book on horses painted with acrylics, and presents over 300 original paintings on her web site.

One can obtain a commission of a beloved pet, follow the horse racing world, or enjoy a serene landscape or ferocious African animals with any of Elin's paintings.

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This member has her own web site. Click HERE to visit it.


"African Moments, Giraffes"

Oil on Gallery-wrap Canvas
The digital camera cannot convey the sunlight intensity of this five foot tall painting. It just isn't rich enough. The light of the sunset is perfectly painted with oranges and yellows richly portrayed against the blue and blue-violets of the giraffes. I know I'll have to let go of the good ones…
Dimensions: 60"H x 48"W
$8,000 unframed--no framing necessary
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"Moonlight Pause"

Oil on Canvas
This is the painting that was done for Elin's fourth video and first on color "Colorful Oil Painting with an Attitude" and is a wonderful example of how Elin uses color to depict a moonlight scene.
Dimensions: 16"H x 20"W
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"Sidelit Study"

Oil on Canvas Board
This canvas board is only 7 x 5 inches, but is full of the rich color and compositional balance that makes Elin's work so sought after.
Dimensions: 7"H x 5"W
$185 unframed
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"Over the Edge"

Acrylic on Canvas
Chasing a recalcitrant calf, the cowboy comes down the edge of the ridge, and seems to fly off into space. The quarter horse he is riding is sure-footed and "cowy" focused on the calf and little else! The beautiful sunset sky only adds to the beauty of the painting.
Dimensions: 16"H x 12"W
$435 unframed
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