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Kim Shaklee

Brighton, Colorado

Artist's Statement ( also visit her biography at bottom of page)

“I have spent the majority of my life studying animals in their natural habitat.

I place a great deal of emphasis on an animal’s personality.  My desire is not to merely replicate the animal; but rather to make its essence the central focal point of my sculpture.

Using sinuous curves and glassy-smooth surfaces on my works entices people to touch. Often, I will incorporate geometrical shapes and contrasts in texture to make a distinct delineation between the animal and its environment.

My work is as a cross between realism and representational art; with a soft, contemporary flair.  I find that for me, this makes a good balance.”

A great amount of personal satisfaction comes from my ability to demonstrate motion in my works.   I find this particularly true of my marine sculptures; to seemingly defy what seems visually possible.  Most aquatic species demonstrate strength and fluidity, so I like creating drama through explosive waves or by cantilevering my subject.  Many of my bronzes are cast in multiple pieces.  This process allows me more freedom to create the effect of a subject in action on land or leaping from the waters of the Sea.

My passion also lies in presenting my works with unusual patinas.  This is the coloration process that is produced primarily through the use of heat and various oxides and nitrates. 
I love all of the possibilities for creating variegated shades of gold, copper, silver, red, brown, green and shades of blue; in addition to all of the wonderful patterning variations.”

Cactus Jack
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Homeward Bound - Monumental
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River Rascal
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Cactus Jack

"Cactus Jack"

Bronze—edition of 30
Desert Jackrabbit
Dimensions: 17”H x 13”W x 21" L
$3500 plus shipping costs
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Homeward Bound - Monumental

"Homeward Bound - Monumental"

Bronze—edition of 8
pair of sea turtles
Dimensions: 83”H x 61”W x 35”D
$45,000 delivery is available - please inquire
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Bronze - edition of 30
Pair of Great Blue Herons
Dimensions: 18”H x 10”W x 14”L
$3250 plus shipping
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River Rascal

"River Rascal"

Bronze—edition of 20
(Large version) River Otter
Dimensions: 20”H x 22”W x 34”L
$8300 plus shipping


The River Otter bronze is available in a smaller size - info below:
"River Rascal Maquette" - edition of 45
7”H x 6”W x 10”L – $ 985.00 + shipping

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Biography / Summary

Kim Shaklee, a successful wildlife and marine sculptor, distinguishes herself from other artists by her ability to transform static metal into fluid motion to capture the essence of an animal.

Kim is a native of Denver, Colorado. She spent summers and holidays of her youth at her family’s summer home in Estes Park, Colorado.  The rugged beauty and grandeur of Rocky Mountain National Park served as her backyard.  It was there; Kim developed a deep appreciation for the natural world and an intense love for wildlife.  Kim was able to study an abundance of wildlife first hand, giving her a strong foundation for her future as a Sculptor.
Combining her life experiences, knowledge, strong artistic abilities and love for creatures of land and sea, Kim has become a skilled wildlife and marine artist.
Shaklee's works have been shown in many national and international exhibitions and are included in collections around the world, including the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C., the Oklahoma City Zoological Gardens; Oklahoma City, OK and Benson Park Sculpture Garden in
Loveland, CO.

Notable showings include the prestigious National Academy of Design in New York, Mystic International Maritime Exhibition, CT, Art of the Animal Kingdom, VT, American Art in Miniature, OK, Distinguished Women in Marine Art, CT and inclusion in multiple shows held at the National Arts Club and Salmagundi Club in New York.

Kim has received numerous awards including the Gold Medal of Honor from Allied Artists of America, the Paul Manship Memorial Award and the Anna Hyatt Huntington Bronze Medal.  She has garnered several Best of Shows and People’s Choice awardsfrom art competitions throughout the country.

Her sculptures have been the subject of several editorial features in well-known publications, including Art of the West, Southwest Art, Wildlife Art, Sporting Classics, American Artist and InformArt.    

Shaklee’s work has been published in a new book produced in 2010 by Southwest Art titled
“Sculpture of the Rockies: 97 Contemporary and Traditional Artists.

Kim was recently elected into Fellowship for the American Society of Marine Artists.  She is the first woman Sculptor to achieve this honor.  Shaklee was also bestowed the honor of being the first recipient for Master Signature Membership as a Sculptor in Women Artists of the West.
Her other memberships include; Allied Artists of America, American Artists Professional League (Fellow),Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Arts Club and Pen & Brush, Inc.

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